The Theme Of Disabled By Wilfred Owen And Out, Out

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Disabled by Wilfred Owen and Out, Out- by Robert Frost are both concerned with the theme of loss in their two poems, but they still write about different types of loss. Disabled is focused on a soldier who lost his arms and legs, lost his social life, his looks and lost his potential. While Frost’s Out, Out- talks about the physical loss of a young boy’s hand, while doing a man’s job, which results in death at the end of the poem.

Robert Frost’s Out, Out- is a monostanza, it is a blank verse, “And from there those lifted eyes could like”, this is not used constantly but Frost often interrupts the flow to make a point; and he uses iambic pentameter, “No more to build on there. And they, since they were not the one dead”, these are used frequently in the poem, there is a break in the middle of most of the lives. “that ended it” this shows the people’s reaction to death, and the fact that he says this shows that no one really cares and also shows that it might be quite common. “Doing a man’s work, though a child heart” this shows child labour, the child here is doing a work that a man should do and he is not good because he doesn’t have the right skills to do that job. Robert Frost in his poem also shows a contrast between beauty and reality, for example, “Under the sunset” for beauty, and “Not the one dead” for the reality. Robert Frost uses also a lot of imageries “The buzz saw snarled and rattled,” For example this is a hearing imagery and this creates images and helps the
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