The Theme Of Diving In Robert Kurson's Shadow Divers

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In Robert Kurson’s book, “Shadow Divers,” he reveals how a group of divers solve one of the last mysteries of World War II. Captain Bill Nagle owns the Seeker which is a charter boat that people can rent to take them to shipwrecks. Nagle is a world renowned deep sea shipwreck diver, because he pushes the limits on how far and where divers can go. Nagle has explored some of the most dangerous shipwrecks such as the Andrea Doria and Texas Tower. He has also retrieved various souvenirs from wrecks such as china dishes and the boat’s bell, but Nagle has massive respect for the history of sunken watercraft. Nagle’s sworn enemy is Steve Bielenda, also a shipwreck diver, who was crowned, “King of the Deep.” The bad blood was developed due to the fact that Bielenda doesn’t respect others and…show more content…
The next day, Nagle called up his friends and scheduled a date to go scope out the wreck. On arrival, Chatterton was the first to splash in and soon realized the wreck was a submarine. After a more careful inspection by him and the other divers, they came to the conclusion that it was a WWII German U-boat. The divers did careful research on all the WWII submarines, but could not find any records of there being a sunken U-boat at those coordinates. After a couple more trips to the wreck, Chatterton was able to retrieve a china plate inscribed with an eagle and swastika, dated 1942. After finding this legitimate evidence, Chatterton told the press of the Seeker’s discovery. No one believe him at first, but soon after seeing pictures and videos of the dive to the submarine, the Seeker’s crew was bombarded with emails and phone calls. Many WWII veterans called claiming they had sunk the mysterious U-boat, but never received credit. Even German historians heard the news and claimed ownership of the sub, prohibiting Chatterton to go inside

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