The Theme Of Empathy In 'Bluets'

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Connecting the reader to your story evokes empathy; the more the reader understands your story, the more empathy they will have with your story. Nelson, a professor of creative writing at CalArts. fails to do this in Bluets, a poetry book, where Nelson describes her experience with depression by the using the color blue. However, it can be difficult for someone without depression to understand what is happening to her. Although she fills her poetic novel with feelings related to her depression, she lacks describing what causes her depression; she lacks context of the situation. In order for an author to evoke empathy with all readers they need to be able to place the reader within the perspective of the characters, which Nelson fails to achieve.…show more content…
They also disagree that we “empathize with those we love, with members of our in-group, while we lack empathy toward out-group members.” (Berry and O’Connor 23). I would agree with them that everyone has empathy and that everyone has empathy to different degrees; however, I think that empathy comes from someone's own experiences. If you or someone close to you has experienced similar things as the writer, then you are more likely to have empathy with that writer. This is why it is important for an author to place the reader within their story, so that even if the reader has never experienced anything like the author is describing, the reader can still relate and have empathy for the character in the

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