The Theme Of Epiphany In 'Con's And Killings'

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Epiphany: a moment of sudden revelation or insight. In the stories many acts of “sudden revelation or insight” occurred. In the short story “Con’s” by Jess Walters and “Killings” by Andre Dubus the characters Lisa in “Con’s” and Matt in “Killings” experience epiphanies. In the story “Con’s” Kyle was married to his wife Lisa. Kyle had killed a girl name Shae-lynn when he was drunk driving years ago. Lisa stuck by his side through all of his depression. Through the hate letters sent by Shae-Lynn’s dad Ben. She was there to support him through everything that Kyle has had to go through. Eventually Lisa had had enough of Ben’s hatred towards Kyle. Lisa planned to go visit Ben even though Kyle would rather her not. Lisa took a trip to Ben’s.

But what drew Lisa’s eye was the senior picture of Shae-Lynn in the middle of the mantle, Shae-Lynn who would never grow older than that picture, Shae-Lynn who would never have her own family to be photographed with. The picture had one of those
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There a crucial moments in the stories though that turn the tables for characters and make them question if what they've been doing or have done is the right thing to do. In the story “Cons” Lisa finds out that the girl her husband killed while drunk driving suspiciously happens to look just like her. This makes Lisa a totally different person. Was her relationship actually about love? Or was it just to comfort her husbands remorse? As for “Killings” Matt murders Richard Strout in vengeance of his son. The repercussions of his actions though make him wonder was it the right thing to do. Both of these characters have unanswered questions. Has Lisa been with Kyle all this time just for his comfort? Has it been a waste? Did Matt do the right thing in murdering Richard? Both characters have been given insight on what has become of them and their
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