The Theme Of Evil In The Crucible

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Imagine living a life full of lies, lying every day and eventually the lies that are being told become so realistic they end up turning into the reality. In the play “The Crucible” written by Arthur Miller, the entire town of Salem, Massachusetts revolves around one lie after another. The lies initially begin after the reverend at Salem’s church, Reverend Parris, catches his daughter, niece, and several other young girls dancing in the forest. After Reverend Parris confronts his niece, Abigail, she refuses to tell him that they were doing any sort of witchcraft in the forest. Abigail, of course, was not telling the truth and eventually she could not hide that any longer. The lies came sputtering out of her mouth and all of the girls who danced in the forest mouths as well.…show more content…
Thus began the spell of lies and endless amounts of hangings throughout Salem all because of a group of young girls and a series of different lies. One of the themes in this play is that evil will come back to haunt the person who commits it. In “The Crucible” there are several different times where evil is committed and eventually the consequences come back to haunt the person who committed the evil doing. Throughout this play there are several people who dapple with evil and have to deal with the consequences. Three of the biggest characters in this play that have to deal with the consequences would be John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, and Reverend
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