The Theme Of Fear In The Hunger Games

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Fear can be defined as an unpleasant feeling triggered by a situation. It is an emotion encountered by every human being. However, the reactions of people to fear may vary. Indeed, it ranges from the loss of rationality to the capacity of adaptation in extreme conditions. Thus, fear can be perceived as a weapon to control and manipulate society. Prominent authors have written books discussing terror and how it is employed. Indeed, William Golding and Suzanne Collins both address the theme of fear in their works. Lord of the Flies (1954) by William Golding is a story about a group of boys left stranded on an island due to a plane accident. Shortly after their arrival, the boys try to maintain all their humanity and conscience. Nonetheless, as the story unfolds, they start to concede to the inner darkness and forsake all sign of civility in exchange of ruthlessness. This is due to the children’s fear of a fabricated dread that they call the “beast”. While the majority of the survivors craved…show more content…
The main character reacts differently to fear. Under the influence of aversion, Katniss Everdeen is able to accomplish astonishing things. For instance when she volunteered as tribute in order to spear her sister’s life. Indeed, it was out of fear of losing her younger sister that she made the ultimate sacrifice. Another example was when Katniss decided to attend the feast of the games. Although she knew that she had a great chance of dying, Katniss still risked her life. "The idea of actually losing Peeta hit me again and I realized how much I don 't want him to die. And it 's not about the sponsors. And it 's not about what will happen back home. And it 's not just that I don’t want to be alone. It 's him. I do not want to lose the boy with the bread." Page 297. This attests that Katniss Everdeen willingly risked her life because of her fear of losing Peeta. Hence, it is seen that fear enables people to accomplish great
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