The Theme Of Friendship In The Outsiders

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Outsiders Essay The book the Outsiders written by S.E Hinton has two rival gangs one called the SOCS and the other the Greasers, which is composed of the main character Ponyboy and his friends which live together. This group that contains Ponyboy have been together since they were young so they are very connected to each other. These gangs hate each other because they have two different perspectives in life. There are many events in the story that involve the groups of friends/ family/ gangs that show the theme of friends sticking together through many difficult times and having each others backs. One example of family sticking together is when Dally called home to his two brothers after robbing a grocery…show more content…
This little piece which said blood was draining from his face shows how much he means to him. Also it just shows that they were staying there for the rest of the hospital experience until Johnny eventually died. On pages 56-57 had the events that changed this story forever. It was when Johnny had Killed Bob just so Pony wouldn 't drown. Pony would have drowned because Bob was holding him under the fountain till pony blacked out. So Johnny stepped in and killed Bob with his pocket knife so Pony could live. This shows how much Pony ment to Johnny and that Johnny was willing to do anything to keep Pony alive even if that meant killing someone for him. Which he was more willing to do because this man Bob brutally beat Johnny earlier in this story and left him for dead. Also on this page is when Pony and Johnny had to discuss what they had to do and that was run away and even though Pony didn 't do anything wrong he was still willing to support Johnny and run away with him. Also he ran away with him because Pony had his back no matter what. Also more importantly this gave Johnny a boost in spirit after what had been the worst moment in his life so this boost was in need to help his friend keep
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