The Theme Of Good Vs. Evil In Megamind

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Love Conquers All & Good vs. Evil Megamind
Nurul Asyiqin Bt. Sikh Shamsul Ibrahim
The animated comedy Megamind is filled with quirky antics, laughable actions, and rollercoaster relationships. As DreamWorks created the movie, it seems like it was made for children and family but the themes that it is connected with appears to differ. Megamind is an animated film that is similar to other animated films such as “Despicable Me”, “The Incredibles”, and any other movies that involve superheroes and villains. The film features a majority of A-list celebrities like Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill and David Cross.
The themes I chose to correlate with this movie give off a ‘bitter- sweet’ or ‘ironic’ response to the connection. ‘Love Conquers All’ is a romance theme, which talks about how strong love can be. Hence, the name of the theme itself. On the other hand, ‘Good vs. Evil’ is another popular theme as it relates to many superheroes and villain movies. The theme mainly surrounds the idea of good and bad in people as well as in this world. The film is directed by a famous American film-director, Tim McGrath who has directed countless of top recognized family movies such as ‘The Boss Baby’, ‘Madagascar’, ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’, and etcetera. Despite the animation skills and laughable antics, Megamind is suitable for children as the lessons the film provides behind the themes helps children understand/mature at a young age.
After watching the

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