The Theme Of Hope In Eugenia W. Collier's Marigolds

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In the short story “Marigolds”, by Eugenia W. Collier, the marigolds, which symbolize hope, convey the theme that everything isn’t always easy but don’t give up hope and keep trying. The setting of the story takes place in a poor Maryland city during the Great Depression. Lizabeth is trying to find out who she is when her parents have a loud conversation about their problems, causing Lizabeth to go destroy Miss Lottie’s marrigolds. In the beginning, Lizabeth says how she feels about the marrigolds: “For some peverse reason, we children hated those marigolds. They interfered with the perfect ugliness of the place; they were too beautiful; they did not make sense.” This portrays the idea that everything was awful during this time, and she didn’t
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