The Theme Of Hope In 'The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian'

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Webster’s defines hope as “to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true”. Arnold’s hope let him overcome some hard obstacles in the book. He lives in a rough Indian Reservation in Washington named Wellpinit. Everyone is poor and doesn’t have a future until Arnold shows that it is possible. Arnold, from The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, shows that if one works hard and hopes for what he wants and believes in, he can accomplish his goal. Arnold’s desire for a new future becomes greater so he moves schools. Wellpinit offers no opportunities for Arnold so he works hard for one. “ ‘You’ve been fighting since you were born, he said.’ ‘You fought off those seizures. You fought off all those drunks…show more content…
Arnold works hard to make new friends and keep old ones by being kind and truthful. “Even Rodger, the huge dude I’d punched in the face, was suddenly my buddy. Penelope and I were so happy to be alive, and so happy to be alive TOGETHER(122).” Arnold makes friends with Penelope and they become a couple. People never thought that he could get the most popular girl, but he was nice and truthful to her and she appreciated that. Arnold works hard to make his friends. He sticks up to himself and doesn’t bully others even though he has been many times. Another time Arnold is kind to his friend is when he is talking about Rowdy, “It makes me think of Rowdy. I missed him so much. I wanted to find him, and hug him and beg him to forgive me for leaving(217).” He and Rowdy have been friends for a long time and that is because Arnold appreciates him. After all the times they do something wrong to each other, they still stick together. Rowdy has always backed him up and Arnold always works hard to keep them friends. When Arnold moves schools, Rowdy does not respect him. Arnold keeps in contact and then they become back to normal. Arnold shows that if someone works hard and hopes for what they want, they can get the result they believed in. He makes friends and creates a better future by dedicating himself and having an ambition towards his situation. Hope and hard work can make a huge difference in people’s lives. Alexie, Sherman,
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