The Theme Of Identity In Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go

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In "Never Let Me Go", The novel begins by capturing the life of Hailsham, a mysterious boarding school designed to raise "special" students by dooming them to a determined fate of relinquishing their internal organs. As they grow older, the students are sent to complete their given tasks which are aided by specific "training" and eventually relocation to different hospitals in order to becoming a donor or "carer" for the donor before becoming one himself. Ishiguro focuses more on the emotional side of his characters by developing very sensitive relationships between the "clones", as they reflect upon their childhoods and set out to find answers to many secrets about the isolated gates of Hailsham. As a result, numerous themes are used freedom and free will, language and commumication, fate, power, class distinction. Also various techniques are used as narration style, symbolism,settings and the importance of the title. The theme of identity is related to the dystopian society which forces the individuals to conform the radical social norms that suppress the accomplishments as forms of inequality, Kathy introduces herself "My name is kathy H, I 'm thirty one years old, and I 've been a carer now for eleven years" (Ishiguro 3). The readers are wondering what this "H" means, why she doesn 't have a last name just an initial ? it seems pretty important when she first describes herself as being a carer. it might be a really important part of her life and identity.

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