The Theme Of Ignorance In Ray Bradbury's Zero Hour

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In Ray Bradbury’s story, time is a symbol of ignorance. A source states, “Although Ray Bradbury became arguably the best-known science-fiction writer in the United States, the majority of his work, which ranges from gothic horror to social criticism, centers on humanistic themes” (“Ray Bradbury”). The readers can assume Bradbury is going to write about science-fiction before they pick up one of his works because that is the genre of stories he writes. In the short story “Zero Hour”, Ray Bradbury sets the change with children playing a game, little does the audience know that it is not just a game. Bradbury writes, “ ‘The most exciting game ever!’ gasped Mink, pink-faced…Mrs. Morris surveyed the fleeing tot. ‘What’s the name of the game?’ ‘Invasion!’
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