The Theme Of Loneliness In The Great Gatsby

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they have different interests they won't get along. The rich class isolates itself from the poor because they think they are better and the poor isolates themselves from the rich because they think they aren't good enough to talk to the rich people when in reality we are all people. We all have the right to talk to whoever we want and to care about others and to not be selfish. We can choose not to be isolate ourselves or let ourselves be isolated by others. Isolation can cause problems like depression, anxiety, and low self esteem and that is why it's such a serious issue because it can hurt people or make people hurt themselves. Gatsby’s isolation from society ultimately gets him killed. Anyone’s isolation from the town doesn’t seem so personal because he is happy with Noone but the message of the poem seems personal. The fact that Anyone is isolated but doesn’t let it bother him represents who the author wants to be. The author cares and feels isolated and it bothers him but he wishes it didn't. The message of the poem and the novel is that no one cares about anyone and that is a big problem in society and really needs to change.…show more content…
The issue of isolation is something that can ruin people’s lives and can cause harm to others and the people themselves and that's why isolation in society needs to stop. The society we live in today will not become better without the issue of isolation being
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