The Theme Of Love In A Midsummer Night's Dream By William Shakespeare

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In midnight summer dream what is Shakespeare saying about love? I think he is saying that If you really love someone don 't focus on what other people think and fight for your love.Throughout the play Shakespeare incorporated a lot of love scenes and love obstacles. For example, Hermia had to fight for her love Lysander and Helena had to fight for her love Demetrius while he loved someone else. Shakespeare says a lot about love when he talks about Hermia and Lysander. For example Hermia 's dad wanted her to marry Demetrius but Hermia refused to, all Hermia wanted from her dad was to let her marry Lysander. Hermia thought if I can 't be with him I might as well just kill myself, and Shakespeare made what Hermia kinda thought into the play that the workers performed for them at the wedding. …show more content…

One of the last ways Shakespeare shows us love is by Helena and Demetrius. For example, Helena was always that girl in the story that wished she was perfect, wished she could be like Hermia, and wished that she would love herself. Helena fought for along time just to get Demetrius. Helena didn 't fight her parents tho, she had to fight her love and rejection that Demetrius through at her every time she gave him reasons why. But at the end you see that it payed off because Demetrius started liking Helena. Helena went through bad times with love just like Hermia even tho Hermia already had two guys that loved her in the beginning. What is Shakespeare saying about love through this play? In conclusion we figured out that he wanted Hermia and Helena to have love differences and issues. Both of them fought for their love, rejection, and decisions about their love. In the end we can say that Shakespeare wanted us to know that love isn 't easy, and that people should love each other and not think about what other people may say about their decision towards love. Also he wanted to let us know that love is an obstacle and battleground once your finish they 're will

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