The Theme Of Love In Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights

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Through Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, the topic of controversial love arises. In the gothic novel, Bronte introduces Heathcliff and Catherine who are destined to be in love yet their own misconceptions and prejudice leads to an unhealthy relationship. They love each other yet they never speak their truths to one another. Through chapter nine, it is clear the blinding love between Heathcliff and Catherine creates a toxic relationship neither of them can get out of. Catherine’s ego is bigger than her love for Heathcliff which is shown through her conversation with Nelly. She tells Nelly of her decision to marry Edgar Linton because his wealth. “he… may not always be rich” Nelly reasons with Catherine, and she responds, “He is now; and I have only to do with the present” (57). Bronte shows Catherine’s real character through the word choice of “present”. Catherine would rather marry someone, Linton, with status and nobility now rather than wait for Heathcliff to gain status. She displays her true intentions when marrying Linton; her love for Heathcliff is not greater than her love for power and wealth. Her reputation is bigger than her love for Heathcliff which represents their poisonous love for each other; she doesn’t want him for him, she only wants the version of him being rich and well-off. Bronte’s word choice in chapter nine portrays the toxic relationship between Heathcliff and Catherine. She is talking about the pros and cons of marrying Heathcliff to Nelly. As
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