The Theme Of Love In Esquivel's Film Like Water For Chocolate

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Charlotte In Esquivel’s romantic novel and Aura's film, Like Water For Chocolate, they express how people impulsively listen to their hearts instead of taking the rational option. Tita, the youngest of three sisters, is not allowed to married because tradition says that she must take care of her mother until she dies. She falls into a wistful love with Don Pedro, who then marries her sister Rosaura. Tita and Pedro remain in love, but she also falls into a safe and comforting love with Dr. Brown. In Like Water for Chocolate, Tita chooses a fiery love over a nurturing one, which is the author’s way of expressing human nature to choose heart over head, even if it leads to one’s own destruction. Dr. Brown is a caring and nurturing man who offers Tita a long and stable life full of love, however she irrationally denies him. Soon after Tita starts living with Dr. Brown, the narrator says, “But here with John’s warmth toward her in word and manner, she felt better each day.” (108). Dr.…show more content…
Early in the film, while making the cake for Pedro and Rosaura’s wedding, Tita cries over the loss of her true love. Tita unconsciously causes chaos at Pedro and Rosaura’s wedding when the guests break into uncontrollable tears after eating her cake. Whether they mean to or not, Tita and Pedro cause downfall with every move. While Dr.Brown and Tita are at dinner with his aunt, Tita says, “While you were gone I had relations with a man I’ve always loved, and I lost my virginity. That’s the reason, I can’t marry you anymore.” (222). Pedro and Tita’s actions caused her to lose interest in marrying a respectable man who could take care of her for the rest of her life. Although Tita had the option to marry a man who could provide for her, her passionate actions caused her to lose sight of what was really important. People irrationally follow their heart when inside they know that is not what’s best for
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