The Theme Of Love In Keats Poem La Belle Dame Sans Merci

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The topic of love in Keats’ poem “LA BELLE DAME SANS MERCI”


"La Belle Dame sans Merci" means, in French, the beautiful lady without mercy or pity.
In this poem Keat’s reveals that he did experienced both the pains and the pleasures of love. He probably felt the loss of freedom when he fell in love. Maybe his knowledge of life made him to create this melancholy love story with no happy ending at all. The author represents the fair sex as something like a figure whose aim is to attract lovers only to destroy them by her supernatural powers. She destroys the wight from the opposite sex just because it is her nature to destroy. But he for his part accepts her as something unique and flawless without even suspect what are her intentions. Every reader could catch the meaning of the poem in their own way and to judge the main characters no matter if they are right or wrong.
So in my mind pop up the question – what exactly we are talking about ? - "Love,or obsession”. In almost every stanza we can see that the knight admire the fairy queen - he adores her, she is the most perfect creature he’s ever seen. And if this isn’t an act of obsession – I don’t know what is. But in this poem we are talking more precisely about this destructible love which instead of awake the most noble sentiments in both lovers’ minds, the fate is merciless,as well as the fairy queen, and there is nothing for it but one of

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