Black Boy Character Analysis

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In Black Boy by Richard Wright when Richard was a little kid his family didn’t he didn’t have anyone to love him or care about him, his dad left him when he was a little kid which made him have to become a man at an early age to take care of himself and this shows that he is missing someone and needs them to feel safe and can feel love by his family. Richard was an independent kid by being alone for a long time. Throughout the chapters of the book Richard never seem to have any feeling for anyone. Richard didn’t need or want anyone's approval or assistance , except his own advice. When Richard was young he was force to be independent. When Richard's mother had a stroke, Richard was force to take care of himself and become the man of the house,…show more content…
Richard’s dad left him which made him felt left out because there was no on to be there for him and he tried to make friends, but couldn’t because he was too busy trying to fight someone to prove people wrong Richard’s needs shows that he needs someone in his life that cares about him and help him with life, “he beat the black boy. But why? You’re too young to understand. I’m not going to let anybody beat me.” (24) this shows that he is gonna protect himself because his parents can’t protect him and they are never there for him. The time Richard’s dad left he didn’t know about it and had to find out later, he felt left outing his children good “having grown taller and older, I now associated with older boys and had to pay for my admittance into their company by subscribing to certain racial sentiments” (78). This shows that he’s trying to be with older people because he doesn’t feel young anymore and had to show that he is becoming a man Richard has trust issue. when he told his friend “Don’t be angry, frightened and baffled, he left me. I felt sorry for him” (117) Richard shows that he could relate to being left out and being alone so he’s trying the there for his
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