The Theme Of Love In Toni Morrison's Novels

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Toni Morrison’s novels reflect her desire to draw on the people, places, language, values, cultural tradition, and politics that have shaped her own life and that of African-American people. In doing so, she offers no solutions to problems, nor does she simplify the complex realities of the past or the present. Love is a major theme that runs through all her novels. She examines the effect of the presence or absence of love and also of love as a liberating and nurturing force. The Violence in her fiction is seen by her as a distortion of love that is not expressed. Exploring various kinds of love Morrison makes clear that the capacity for genuine love must be achieved through personal growth, by realizing one’s virtue while accepting one self and others as they are. Morrison’s novels tend to deal with almost all the initial treads prevalent in the cultural stream of the contemporary black community. To read anything of Morrison book is to be in the presence of a writer who knows her history and who is determined to make the past usable for her people.…show more content…
Her novels are easy to read, and she incorporates many different styles in her writing, such as switching the voice of narration throughout her stories for a change of perspective. Some of her most commonly used techniques are the use of descriptive analogies, important historical references and various sentence structures. By examining these examples, it will give us a clear understanding of the type of literature that Morrison produces. Morrison 's art of characterization was highly admirable no matter how evil she portrays her characters; they always exhibit a balance of virtues and vices. The characters in her novels never really find peace or seek forgiveness or have an affirming opportunity of self realization she exercised. The element of guilt and grief are from their lives. The language is musical as the story
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