The Theme Of Loyalty In Macbeth

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Fake things always come back to bite a fake person. A person should be grateful to others who help him/her in need and should not break his friendship if something happens. This essay will discuss one of the themes from Macbeth which is loyalty. Loyalty can be described as honesty, obedience, faithfulness etc. A person is loyal to someone if he/she is not double crossing them. Double crossing in a way that representing one face which is of fake loyalty in front of someone and the other face on their backside which is sometime consider as dangerous like happen in a novel Macbeth, where Macbeth kills the king for crown and other innocents because of his attitude that no one is bigger than him so he can kill anyone who comes on his way but after certain period his fake loyalty to king came back to him and he is murdered. The fake hero of a novel Macbeth is Macbeth because of his madness of trusting supernatural thing, taking a life of somebody because of power and was sacrificing the life of thousands of people. A person is loyal when he/she is…show more content…
Even by a dog to his/her master. People thought that dogs are loyal to them because they need food from them, this assumption is, however, wrong because then what about the fact that when a person visits his/her home back after a long time and his/her dog comes running and show his love because of their natural quality of loyalty and love. A news reported by AOL that in “Russia a dog has been coming to the hospital for 2 years unaware that his master died a year ago" prove all the above statements. It’s not that humans don’t care about animals they do like protecting the animals in many ways for ex - “Bijlee, the 58-year-old ailing elephant rescued by individuals and NGOs” (reported by Mumbai news channel). Not all, but some people do have the quality of care. So, it’s true that livings beings can care for each other if they wish to do

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