The Theme Of Materialism In Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon

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In 1971, she began teaching literature and creative writing at the State University of New York at Purchase as an associate professor. Morrison continued her successful emergence as a writer with the publication of her second novel, Sula (1973), it is a novel about a girl who lives in a small town in Ohio whose community is destroyed by World War I. It also shows the story of friendship between two African American women that begins in childhood and is damaged by the inability of the surrounding community and of the women themselves to recognize the primary significance of that relationship. The novel describes the racism that the black experience in all aspects of life and it 's allows the reader to see how people in the situation of these…show more content…
Morrison published her third novel, Song of Solomon (1977), she decided to write a novel informed by the male spirit. It is a novel in which Toni Morrison has tried to connect generations. The ending has a note of hope, peace and redemption. In this novel, Toni Morrison has insisted on Black ancestral heritage. The rapid movement of the Black community towards materialism and the pull towards one 's past, its history, myths, legends and songs is the main contents. The protagonist is a young man called Milkman Dead. The novel begins with the birth of Milkman Dead. It happened to be a strange day when an insurance agent by the name of Mr. Smith, decides to jump off from the roof of the hospital called ‘No Mercy Hospital’. Milkman was born during the commotion and bustle caused by the funny insurance agent. Milkman has two elder sisters. His love-starved mother nurses him till he is six. Milkman’s father encourages him to become a successful businessman. Milkman is forbidden by his father to meet Pilate, his father’s sister. She was a woman of independent spirit. Born without a navel’ she likes to cling to the old ways. She wears brogans and old quilts, sings songs about Negro history, emphasizing family love and spiritual values. She becomes the spiritual mother of
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