The Theme Of Murder In John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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You may think killing someone is wrong, no matter the circumstance, but there are some cases where murder is the only option. In John Steinbeck 's Of Mice and Men George kills his friend Lennie, but what you don 't know is that Lennie 's death was justified. Even though it is wrong to kill someone george did nothing wrong in the situation he was put in. George is innocent because he new Lennie would get in more trouble, George also knew that the dream would never come true, so he had to end it, George knew that if he didn…show more content…
George is innocent because he also knew that the dream would never work out and there would never really be a safe place that Lennie and him could call home. ‘’ I think I knowed from the very first I think I knowed we would never do her he used to like hearin about it so much I got to thinkin maybe we would. In this quote George explains to Candy that the dream will never come true no matter what they do. George knew after what happened the dream would not happen and there would be no safe place for Lennie. Many people believe that George is guilty because he and Lennie could have gotten away but, George is innocent because he also knew that if he did not kill lennie he would suffer when Curley got to him. “You don 't know that Curley, Curley gonna wanna get him lynched Curley will get him killed’’Steinbeck. In this quote Candy explains to George that if Curley finds Lennie he will have him killed. George knew that if he didn 't kill Lennie, he would have to suffer before he died. George is innocent, he knew that Lennie would get in trouble again or be made to suffer and the dream would never come true. George knows that Lennie will cause another problem or be tortured by Curley. Look at it through George 's eyes if you still believe he is guilty what if you had to end your friend 's life to save them from hours of torture or maybe
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