The Theme Of Religion In Persepolis By Marjane Satrapi

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Religion has been the cause of different outbreaks such as ‘The Crusades’ and several terrorist attacks which date not very far away from today and more relevant to this topic the Iranian Revolution, but how can this “collection of beliefs” be the reason for someone to change their way of thinking, especially in such a religious country like Iran. The story of Persepolis, written by Marjane Satrapi tells us the story of her life in Iran before and after the revolution showing us the different ‘personalities’ she goes through, from innocent girl to a disaffected teenager. In this story Satrapi exploits different themes such as the heterogeneity in regions with Iran and the rest of the world, warfare and politics but one that stands out and is presented through the whole book is religion. Religion is portrayed as an excuse to start a conflict and it shows the personal development of characters, in this case the protagonist Marji. Right from the start, Marji introduces the Islamic Revolution of Iran which took place in 1979. In the opening page we have the theme of religion presented. This portrays the image that it will be a complex area of the book and this is perceived because it uses the image of several men and women protesting against something or someone which later on we will get to know will establish a cultural change as well as a religion clash because of the different beliefs to the regimen.
As Marji is just a child, you do not expect her to know much about

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