The Theme Of Revenge In Homer's Odyssey

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The theme of revenge as depicted in Homer's The Odyssey comes into play when Odysseus exacts his punishment on the wooers that invaded and denigrated his home. The revenge, in my opinion, was not only acceptable, but also, a necessity given the gravity of the situation. Although Odysseus' justice was swift and severe, this epic could not allow moderation in punishment, as it wouldn't follow the grandiosity of the story's theme. The actions of Odysseus were justified because he endured years and years of turmoil and battle. His goal was to return to his home-land and wife, Penelope. His sole purpose of enduring great pains; And, in doing so, met many obstacles along the way, was to eventually return home. Finally when Odysseus returns home, he was outraged to see…show more content…
Their duplicity and subterfuge served to ignite the fire of revenge. I believe, Odysseus had no other recourse but to act in such a manner. Anything short of his actions would not have secured him the life he came to reclaim. After twenty years of being away from his home, and his beloved Penelope, Odysseus finally returned. He proceeded to purge the mansion and execute the evil doers. The wooers played a fundamental role in the story line. They were especially deceitful, disrespectful, and arrogant. Two such wooers, in particular, were Antinous and Eurymachus. They wanted to marry Penelope, and were vying for her affections for twenty years. This kind of hubris could not have been treated with a less severe punishment. Odysseus had to kill them, as these wooers were wrecking havoc on his home and tormented his wife. As stated in lesson 12, " the wooers had troubled his house, and devoured his substance, and oppressed his child". The lesson goes on to say, "they have suffered an evil doom through their own infatuate deeds". I believe the meaning of this quote is essentially, that the evil wooers got what they deserved. Odysseues could not have just sent
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