Revenge In Hamlet Research Paper

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Have you ever wanted to get revenge to someone for something that they did horribly wrong? In the play, The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Hamlet was in the tomb for his father’s funeral and he is miserable because of his father death. After his father’s death the rules, in the royal industry, is that if the king dies from anything, then their older sibling is to take their place of the crown of their kingdom. Claudius, king hamlet’s brother, is now the king of Denmark he is also young Hamlet’s uncle that is marrying his mom not even 2 months after the king’s death and Prince Hamlet does not agree to this sticky situation. Later that night his friends mention that they saw the ghost of King Hamlet, which might be a demon or an angel,…show more content…
One tradition that they do if there is a fight in the castle is to drink the “victory cup” which is basically wine in a cup. And they decided to get a pearl, which represent victory, that had poison in it when it is disturbed by water. And if Hamlet denied to drink the cup Laertes will dip his sword in poison so if he wound Hamlet he will die from the wound. Then comes the fight, when they started Hamlet didn’t take things seriously and was acting goofy to have a comedy show in front of the crowd. There is three rounds and Hamlet won two of the three rounds and in the second round, he won the queen decided that she is to give the victory cup to Hamlet after she drinks it, but Claudius was trying to stop her from drinking it and she refuses and decided to drink it. As she gives the cup to Hamlet, he refused once again. Then Claudius is sad because he basically killed his wife and while the fight is going on he is worried about her. Comes the third round and this round is where they can kill one another after a few hits with the sword, they took a break and while they were taking a break Laertes cut his arm with the poison sword and now Hamlet is going to die. As Hamlet was in pain from the cut he took Laertes sword and stabbed him, though the stomach area and he falls on his knees. Then Hamlet asked why did you cut…show more content…
He is also making a comment on how horrible of a king Claudius is and how disgusting he feels that he was lied to behind his back and as all of this is going on the people who was watching the fight was seeing this event happening. When Hamlet was limping to the king and when he was saying all of the quote Hamlet took his pointed sword and through the torso area Clausius was stabbed by Hamlet and then reaching for the cup he poured every last bit of the liquid into Claudius mouth and he instantly died. Hamlet oh poor Hamlet suffers from the pain of everything and looks at Horatio and told him the he is dead repeats that about 3 times that he was dead as the poison slowly taking over his body, he quickly told Horatio to not hurt himself and to stay alive so he could tell the story of what he saw and every last breath and every last heartbeat Hamlet is sadly gone. Horatio is now on a mission that he is to tell the tragedy of Hamlet.
In the play, The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Hamlet makes a lot of violence in the scenes of this play this also lead the reader to think did Hamlet do all of this so that he could live and get his revenge? Or was he just crazy and didn’t act normal and purposely have all of this drama? The answer still remain
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