The Theme Of Silence In Julia Alvarez's A Genetics Of Justice

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In the story of Julia Alvarez “A Genetics of Justice,” the sentence “ No flies fly into a closed mouth” develops the idea of silence. This quote basically explains, if you stay quiet or not talk then you will prevent yourself from getting yourself in trouble. Silence was the effect in the story because it had many Haitians shook and traumatized from Trujillo’s evil and cruel rules. Due to Trujillo’s rule it damaged many Haitians physically and mentally. For example, Trujillo killed a bunch of innocent people. As a result, these people were afraid to speak because they didn’t want to expose themselves from being at risk or in danger. For starters, Trujillo rules had damaged a lot people. For instance, these people were obligated to to due certain rules. Many of them did not agree or felt that these rules were wrong ,yet they couldn’t speak up or change anything because that's they way it was intended to be. Due to these dumb and unfair rules it had left the Haitians quiet and hopeless. In the story it states, “Under her breath, my mother is cursing this monster cursing this monster who drags thousands of women out on the hot streets to venerate…show more content…
For instance, Trujillo was an evil dictator who had killed a bunch of Haitians. This only occurred for the fact that he was racist and that's kind of funny though because Trujillo also had a Haitian ancestry. Also, he forced other citizens from the country to do things that they disliked. The worst part of all was that he blackmailed these poor innocent people with taking their rights away, which is not fair in no way. Long story short he was a cruel,evil and and cold-hearted man who had no sympathy. Silence is later developed and brought to the story to explain due to Trujillo and his awful actions. For instance, silence was developed because they afraid speaking about Trujillo and they never could really speak up to him and demand for their
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