The Theme Of Slavery In Shakespeare's The Tempest

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For centuries, Shakespeare’s The Tempest has been read widely and interpreted by many people around the world. Its captivating plotline has entertained and captured the hearts of its audience everywhere. Not only is The Tempest humorous but, it discusses many issues that can still be relevant today and in the future. The Tempest is an important read because it focuses on the issues of forgiveness, the pursuit of power, and freedom. For this Shakespeare project my group and I chose to utilize slavery for an interpretation of this work by making a script titled “Fight For Freedom”. Although we may have written a modern translation, both scripts deal with these issues Shakespeare utilizes the characters to illustrate the significance of greediness and betrayal for power, slavery, forgiveness, and reconciliation. In the original text Caliban who was born to a witch, is Prospero’s servant or slave. Caliban has a strong dislike towards Prospero and plans to revolt against him. Caliban’s anger comes from the fact that Prospero took over his land which was rightfully left to him. He longs to break away from Prospero and gain freedom. One day, two men who stray away from a ship, find Caliban on an Island. They immediately judge Caliban’s appearance and begin to get him drunk. While drinking, Caliban promises to be Stefano’s slave and give him all loyalty. Stefano and Trinculo who are hungry for power, believe this is a great idea. Caliban hopes that this is his opportunity to

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