The Theme Of Snow In Narnia

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Winter in Narnia
What is the readers thought when winter is in a story or when it comes to mind. All in all people and objects in life have a meaning and purpose for being on earth. It ranges from being read in a book to actually being real. God has his ways of symbolizing different statues in life. Images of snow, ice, and the witch turning the creatures into stone are ways to place images into your brain to think about. The snow is cold and proves that it is winter in Narnia. C.S. Lewis also strategically placed imagery of the snow and other objects throughout the story Snow appears in Lewis’s The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and illustrate the theme of winter.
In Chapter One, Lucy (a pure, generous soul) thought to herself as she was walking into Narnia after going through the fur coats that she found and making sure to leave the door to the wardrobe open so that is does not lock behind her and she can still get out “Crunch, crunch over the snow and through the woods towards the other light” (Lewis 4). White powdered snow is covering the ground, also it is very cold in temperature. The crunching of the snow is a descriptive way of saying it sounds like leaves crunching but in frozen white crumbly form. Chapter One is the first time you see a description about the snow. Every other chapter after that just builds upon that. Mr. Tumnus, the faun (a half human, half deer and also lives in Narnia) quoted in Chapter Two that “It 's winter in Narnia and has been
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