The Theme Of Social Evils In Tara By Mahesh Dattani

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Through the various elements of his play Tara the including dialogue, theme, plot, and setting, Mahesh Dattani skilfully highlights the social evils occurring in the contemporary world. This instability stems from the mother who is clearly an irrational person whose behavior, actions and deeds are integral to the theme of the play. The imbalance is nothing but the lack of equilibrium in the family which is in turn due to gender bias, Oedipus complex, guilt and the illogical decisions taken that then have a great impact on the lives of the family members. The highlight of the play is the gender bias that prevails in the family of the Patels and in the outside world and the degree of this imbalance is presented coherently in the play through the many arguments and disputes that take place.…show more content…
Bharathi immediately volunteers to be the donor and Mr. Patel refuses instantly. He then justifies his stance by saying: “Because I do not want you to have the satisfaction of doing it.” Through this episode, we see that Mr. Patel does not want to give Bharathi the contentment of donating her kidney. This is made all the more relevant by the fact that his wife offers to be the donor out of guilt. She is trying to shed of her burden of deeds by showering an overdose of maternal love and care for her daughter. Mr. Patel is against this donation as Bharathi intends to manipulate Tara's mind and assert her moral superiority over her husband. The situation and tone are grave as Mr. Patel tries to protect his daughter from the possible imbalance that the donation might cause. This paints Bharathi in poor light and contributes to the existing instability in the
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