The Movie Interstellar

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The movie Interstellar tells the story of a space exploration made by a crew of astronauts, led by Cooper in search for a new habitable planet. It all started when resources became scarce, leading to starvation. The problem was exacerbated when oxygen started to become scarce also. Thus, as time passes by would suffocate oxygen-dependent species such as human beings inhabiting the Earth. The NASA proposed space exploration to search for a new habitable planet and if successful would either bring the people to that new planet or build a colony of human beings there with the use of artificial wombs, if the former would be impossible to do. The space exploration was, at the end of the movie, became successful. Human beings found another planet named Cooper Planet which is rich in food resources as well as oxygen.
This film is very scientific which is manifested in the usage of terms and concepts. The words used such as Gargantua, Murphy’s law, Morse Code, …show more content…

The search for another Earth had always been the theme of many science fiction movies. Though not yet been proven if the Earth-like planet exists, the possibility of it is what inspires NASA today. The fact that all resources are limited and starvation is now a social phenomenon makes this film closer to reality. The advancement in technology would enable space exploration possible, but the existence of why there are space explorations is still in question today. In the movie, it has been mentioned there that the government didn’t want to spend a part of the nation’s savings for space exploration. The reason is that it would just be a waste of money, which is not the case. If the end of the Earth really did happen and the only solution is to leave the Earth, space exploration would become a necessity. It would save human beings from extinction and would preserve mankind’s

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