Of Mice And Men American Dream Analysis

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The American Dream “That’s why they call it the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it” (Colin). Everyone has dream and ideas of what they want to achieve and want to become and they generate hope and promising thoughts that what they dream will become a reality such as people who have the “American Dream”. In Of Mice And Men, the American Dream is prominent throughout the book. It is shown in nearly every chapter from the talks of rabbits and owning their own farm, to not being able to work the jobs that they do. It is a constant reminder of why Lennie and George work and have to do what they do to get by in their times. Lennie and George have rough encounters such as in the beginning having to leave their previous job being, another example is being able to sustain one another. This gives Lennie and George their drive and purpose in the story. The American Dream within the book is both tangible and intangible being shown the possibility of it…show more content…
At that moment the dream had died, regardless of their dream being dead it had more purpose than being an actual dream it provided inspiration and motivation throughout the book. As it is shown throughout the book the idea of the dream is hard to obtain they are not financially stable. The jobs they have cant support to buy the farm, the dream is a constant reminder of hope and the ability to earn the dream. The overall theme of the book of mice and men was the American Dream and it was present in the book at multiple different points . In the novel Of Mice And Men the theme of the American dream is present throughout the book by being their motivation to work, the dream holds their friendship together, the dream gives them life even if life never allows them to achieve their dreams. This book is a prime example of how the American Dream is powerful in people’s
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