The Theme Of The American Dream In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

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What exactly is the American Dream? It is a tangible concept that is within the hearts of most Americans. It can also differ and change between whom is asked and where that person is at with their life. The idea of the American Dream has certainly changed between its first manifestation during the 1800s and today, but at the same time some of those dreams have stayed the same. The American Dream equals happiness and what makes a person happy has changed throughout time. “In the 1920s, it became the acquisition of material things. That was best exemplified by the novel The Great Gatsby. Its author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, defined the aspirations of the age. At the same time, he warned that a pursuit of happiness driven by greed was not attainable.…show more content…
It shows how greed can take over a person’s ability to have a level head and make good and moral decisions. This harkens back to F. Scott Fitzgerald in The Great Gatsby, in which Fitzgerald explores the themes of decay, idealism, and excess that can be described as a cautionary tale with regard to the American Dream. The American Dream can be used as a powerful theme because it is something that every American can relate to. No one is born into this life without wanting something for themselves. Nor do they go about their day without some type of driving force. People go through life to accomplish some type of goal and that can be different for every person. “The Declaration of Independence says nothing about any type of lifestyle. It does not define what that happiness should look like. Instead, it seeks to ensure that everyone has equal opportunity to pursue a personal vision. It also promotes faith in private free enterprise as a way to pursue that happiness” (Amadeo, 2017). The same ideals set forth by the Declaration of Independence is why so many seek to live within the United States. It is those same ideals that we continue on our daily lives. Our American Dream can be purchasing a home, purchasing a new vehicle with cash, or starting a small business. “The American dream altered. In the 19th century, it was focused on male success in the marketplace. With the rise of the consumer culture, ideals changed. Women were brought in, as companionate marriage, home ownership, and a successful domestic life with children became central in American life” (Fuchsman, 2016). It is a theme and an idea that does not have a limit. The great thing about it is that once a goal has been accomplished, it can be replaced by another goal, another form of a person’s American
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