The Theme Of The Angel And The Evil In The Great Gatsby

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“The Angel and the Evil” A man who owns great fortune and no one actually knows his past life, a house where is opposite to host’s lover, a story which is full of love, dream and sorrow, and a society which is full of ambitions. The Great Gatsby tells a story about the American dream. Gatsby changes his name, and gives up his family in order to gain his lover – Daisy and complete his American dream. He wishes that he were one of upper class. But society classes are sure when people were born. Gatsby lies to public and tries his best to earn money, even through illegal way. The Great Gatsby is a typical novel about the American dream. And a lot of people think the combination of Gatsby and Nick is the author. The story is from the experiences of the author’s life, so it reflects American society in 20th century very well. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the American dream has been the driving force of development of American society and has lead people to work hard and be successful,but it goes downhill with the bigger and bigger gap between rich and poor. Firstly, this essay will talk about what the American dream is and the background of the American dream; then, it is going to illustrate why the American dream can be attractive to all around the world and how it influence the world; finally, it will show the American dream leads to not only the success, but also the failure. “The American dream is that dream of a land in which life should be
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