The Theme Of The Duality Of Human Nature In The Lottery

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In the short story, “The Lottery”, by Shirley Jackson shows the theme of The Duality of Human Nature. The character Tesse Hutchinson did not agree with “The Lottery” she thought it wasn’t fair. In the story Tesse Hutchinson husband got picked to be killed and that was when she said it wasn’t fair. This proves it because, when she thought it wasn’t fair, it was husband got picked. However some other people feel different about “The Lottery”. Old Man Warner however, agrees with “The Lottery”. Old Man Warner agreed with “The Lottery” because he’s been in “The Lottery” for 7 years and still didn’t get the black dot on his paper. This proves it because when Mr. Summer called Old Man Warner up, and he said, “he’s been in “The Lottery” for
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