The Theme Of Traditions And Tradition In The Giver

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In the novel “The Giver”, is about a boy named Jonas that lives safely within a community, a place where there is no war, no hunger, no pain. But when he is selected as the Receiver of Memory, he starts to discover dark secrets that lie beneath the surface of his perfect world. Secrets that will lead him to undertake an incredible journey. In this debate i’m going to discuss the theme of traditions and customs. The debate will argue why the theme and why traditions and customs should exist throughout the novel. This will be backed up by information provided from the novel and my research.

Tradition and customs appears frequently throughout the The Giver. The theme is portrayed as being used to to conceal what should be painful in the community. Death is therefore shown as a fictional “release.” The community in The Giver is where adults are under strict rules of traditions and customs just as much as children.

A sense of tradition very much contributes to the Elders ' hesitance to change, however there 's also the fact that they have no knowledge of the past on which to base their decisions. Jonas and his family have a tradition called the “tellings"which resonates fairly closely with our own tradition of express of feelings. It seems almost out of place in Jonas 's world, though. Why celebrate the past in a world that refuses to remember anything? Traditions are based on logic in The Giver. Everything is done for a reason, all rituals have their purpose. It is this

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