The Theme Of Truth And Lies In The Crucible

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The Crucible has several different themes that Arthur Miller tries to get across. The theme this essay is about is truth versus lie. This is a main theme in the book because it is discussed throughout the whole play. The body paragraphs of my essay will discuss the development of this theme in the play. The reason this theme was chosen is because without it the witch hunts would have never been started. Whether the people being accused of witchcraft live or die, depends on truth versus lies. Now, the development of truth versus lie in The Crucible is going to be explained. First, Reverend Parris caught Abigail and Betty dancing in the woods; which is forbidden in Salem. Betty had the choice of telling the truth and getting in trouble or lying and acting like she could not wake up and staying out of trouble. She chose to lie so the Salem, Massachusetts witch hunts began. When, Betty lied to stay out of trouble she did not know everyone was going to suspect witchcraft.…show more content…
It all started with Abigail and Betty lying to stay out of trouble. Then, Tituba and the girls accused innocent people of witchcraft because they could. Finally, John Proctor takes pride in his faith and honor and is hanged for not signing his name to a lie. Every decision made in Salem after the witch hunts started depended on truth versus lies because if they told the truth, they would die and if the lied they would live. This essay proves the development of the theme truth versus lies in the crucible by stating three major events in the play where truth versus lies depends on what the results are. It’s crazy that all it takes is two girls lying about witchcraft and several innocent people lose their lives. This theme stands out today because if you lie in court you are punished, but if you tell the truth you are not punished as heavily. Things back then are extremely different than how things are in the world
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