The Theme Of Truth In Margaret Orwell's The Handmaids Tale

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“We are the universe seeking truth” -Jay Woodman. There are many statements that relay to human nature, however we are a truth-seeking society. Whether the truth is 100% or not, humans need something to grab on to and believe as the truth. In the book, 1984 by George Orwell, Winston the main character seeks the truth of a fading society. Where in The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood Offred seeks the truth about her family and friends. In both cases, any information found can still be questionable, but is better than nothing and is a sign of hope. Both texts show different societies with each dystopian theme in full bloom, and still you can see how both protagonists are searching for a truth to grasp.

Truth is complicated to say the least
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The truth in The Handmaid’s Tale is that the new way of life is the best way. No more danger, no more risks. It is now a more ordered society that each person has a role to play. If only everyone believed it, Offred is not only aware that the seamless society has some rips in the stitches, but also questions it. She allows tiny slips of memories from her past, and the past culture. As well as notices that rather this new and better government shooting civilization forwards just rewinded them back into time and fixed up some loose ends. Offred is searching for her own truth, dealing with her husband Luke and daughter. “The bitch, not to tell me, bring me news, any news at all”(Atwood 237). Offred is thinking this after Serena Joy has told her she may give Offred a picture of her child. For the first 237 pages Offred is craving knowledge, just some hint of life of either her friends or family. She hangs onto the hope she will never see Luke hanging on “the wall,” while asking handmaid’s for any information heard on Moira, the only handmaid to escape the aunts grasps. Then to learn her commander 's wife is withholding very dear evidence from Offred infuriates her. This quote relates to human nature by proving we are a mad, and driven society searching desperately for truths. Now there is not a thing Offred would not do to have some factual information about her daughters well being. Many movies in this century focus on male or women 's drive to find the truth ie.) who…show more content…
In conclusion, 1984 by George Orwell and The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood use examples of truth seekers in their dystopian tales. Humans prove time and time again that they need a truth and are willing to believe anything if it is what they want. The realization that this statement proves, is that not everyone is willing to admit to the lies and are stubborn when facing blunt truths. The characters in the above texts were willing to see the lies and continue on a trek towards the truth. Although each book has roles that do not seek anything other than a little comfort, such as: the proles in 1984 and anyone fitting happily into their role in the handmaid’s tale. A study done by researchers of the University of Illinois shows that out of 8,000 participants 67% looked at the information that favoured their point of view. Which follows closely on the theory that every humans truth is different, but no matter what we still

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