The Theme Of Violence In The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connell

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In average, homicides are very current in the United States, as 10,00-20,000 of Americans die of this cause each year. The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell is a short story based on the idea of survival and reason over instinct. Indeed, General Zarrof intends to murder each individual that crashes into his island, as he considers hunting humans as a way to entertain himself. When Rainsford unfortunately arrives to this island, he soon realizes that it’s owner, Zarrof, is a mentally unstable person. When Zarrof announces his initial intentions and he cannot leave, Rainsford panic and isn’t to spontaneously respond to such madness. Thus, the theme, setting, and development of characters are able to implement a very hostile and interesting environment. The Most Dangerous Game…show more content…
In fact, Richard Connell accomplished a remarkable job in developing the theme of violence. The succession of events started when, a well-known hunter named Rainsford has crashed into a mysterious island. Unfortunately for him, he made the acquaintance of General Zaroff. This launched a series of events that involved a great amount of violence, physical as well psychological, in the story’s plot. On the other hand, the setting had shown a considerable amount of description, which allowed action to be interesting and descriptive. In fact, natural obstacles, such as quicksand were able to implement action in the story, which allowed the reader to visualize each action described. Lastly, the characters were crucial, as they both owned different characteristics. Furthermore, the origin of all conflicts in the plot initially originated from both character’s choices and behavior. Therefore, one could see how the theme of violence and reason over instinct was very important to the understanding of the story, as well as various literary techniques that created an enjoyable plot for the
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