The Themes Of Bigger In Richard Wright's Native Son

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The whole world knows that African-American society has faced many crises over the past few decades, including the slave trade, racial discrimination, injustice, and hunger. In fact, all these events led to the loss of black identity. Here in the novel "Native Son" will try to highlight the main character "Bigger" in the novel and how the environment affected him. Bigger is considered a tragic figure, as he represents the African American experience of oppression in America. Richard demonstrates that many of the quickly changing and unpredictable conditions of the modern world have created people like Bigger, exploring for a place for themselves in a world that, for them, has wasted many of its cultural and spiritual centers. One of the main themes of Native Son is the influence of people's environments on their behavior and personality. Therefore, the setting is particularly significant in the novel. Wright's setting of Native Son further drives Bigger's fate due to his up in 1930's Chicago. As Aime J. Ellis states, " the world of Wright's protagonist, Bigger Thomas, was largely indicative of white America's racist and social Darwinist disregard for black humanity …for many young urban blacks in norther ghettos of the 1930's, Bigger's rage was an understandable,…show more content…
It was no different from prison. When he entered prison, it was nothing strange, and this prison is no different from his normal life. Certainly, like living in the South part, Bigger’s life and opportunities are very restricted and he senses as captured. Bigger is visited by the Daltons, and his family, friends, lawyer, prosecutor all at the same time. We can only imagine that during that scene, his tiny cell was packed completely with no room to move around in. Through the novel, the setting describes that Bigger’s environment is antagonistic. He has no shelter from constant poverty or from

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