The Themes Of Creation Myth Motifs?

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Creation Myth Motifs Carlton Douglas Ridenhour, better known as Chuck D, an American rapper, once stated, “Culture is this thing that we can exchange among ourselves as human beings to knock aside our differences and build upon our similarities.” Despite cultural differences, many ancient creation myths have similar occurrences and ideas. While people travel often, it is difficult to think these similarities could have traveled halfway across the world, especially in ancient times. These cross-cultural similarities are referred to as “motifs.” Concerning creation myths, there are three significant motifs: the idea of women bringing evil and harm into the world, the idea of humans being created on the first try, and the idea of humans being made from organic materials. Women Bring Evil and Suffering into the World Upon researching various creation myths, one finds the idea of women bringing forth suffering many times. While the reasoning for women committing these acts varies, it is still women considered to have brought the evil forth. In the Christian creation myth, God creates Adam and Eve. The one rule he gives the two is to not eat the forbidden fruit from the tree in the center of the Garden of Eden. Eve is tricked by the evil serpent in the tree, releasing sin into the world for not following God’s rule. In the Greek creation myth, Pandora was given a box filled with gifts from the other gods. She was instructed not to open it, but her curiosity overcame her. She
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