Dreams In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Dreams can mean many things. There are dreams that are like wishes and goals. There are also dreams that people have when they are asleep. The dreams that we have when we are asleep can have meanings, they can also come true. Everyone dreams when they are asleep, even if they don 't remember them. A Midsummer Night 's Dream is about a guy named lysander and a girl named hermia who love each other but can 't marry each other. So they decide to run away to the forest to get married. They can’t marry each other because her father wants her to marry this other guy named Demetrius that also loves her. Her friend Helena loves Demetrius but he doesn 't love her back. Helena tells Demetrius Hermia and lysander 's plans on running away. She thinks that…show more content…
He was dreaming that he was with the queen of fairies, and they were all lovey dovey with each other. When he woke up from his dream he was so happy he wanted someone to write about his dream. This is similar to when we have good dreams, we share them with other people. It is also similar to when we are dreaming about wishes that come true and sometimes the dreams are so good that you don 't want to wake up. Freud himself says “dreams are the fulfilment of wishes, and sometimes that dreams represent the fulfilment of wishes.” Bottoms dream is kind of an example of this. He didn 't wish for it but he enjoyed it and he didn 't want to wake up and end the dream. We ourselves experience these types of dreams. This is another way shakespeare connected his play to dreams.

The part where the fairy puts the spell on the other characters is like a nightmare for helena. Her fiance falls in love with hermia, her best friend, and demetrius also falls in love with hermia. So everything changed to everyone loving hermia instead of everyone loving helena. The fairy realized that he caused a nightmare. He then fixed what he did wrong. This is the the final way shakespeare should how his play was like a dream.
There are many different meanings for dreams. You might think you don 't dream, but that 's wrong because everyone dreams. The play shakespeare wrote called “A midsummer night” is kind of like one big dream. There are so many parts in the play that give examples of how dreams are in real life. I just gave a few, of many examples, on how he did
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