The Themes Of Identity In Ishiguro's Life

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The theme of identity is related to the dystopian society which forces the individuals to conform the radical egalitarian social norms that discourage or suppress the accomplishments or even competence as forms of inequality, Kathy introduces herself " My name is kathy H, I 'm thirty one years old, and I 've been a carer now for eleven years " (Ishiguro 3). The readers are wondering what this "H" means, why she doesn 't have a last name just an initial ? it seems pretty important when she first describes herself as being a carer. it might be a really important part of her life and identity. As by the end of the novel we learn that the students of hailsham are clones. However, Ishiguro very clearly hides this throughout the novel which links to the masking of the student’s identities.’’I don 't know if she recognised us at that point; but without doubt, she saw and decided in a second what we were, because you could see her stiffen—as if a pair of large spiders was set to crawl towards her” (Ishiguro 88). Kathy and her fellow students question their identities with their teachers for example Miss Lucy, however each time she avoids explaining who and what the students are. This leads to the theme of knowing vs not knowing. the students at Hailsham are “special” and “unique”. The difference between the students and the teacher that the students have been told about their identity and clones but in a way that they don’t quite understand. The teachers on the other hand fully
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