The Themes Of Intolerance In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

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As said in the documents I read, the theme is "the fundamental and often universal idea of a literary artwork". One major theme that I have learned throughout this play is Intolerance. The society set in The Crucible is theocratic. That means that the church and the state are one. Their religion is very strict and they have, as quoted in a review document I took notes on, it is an "austere form of Protestantism known as Puritanism", and because of this type of society, they have status involved, and they have what other people think of them on the line. If something goes wrong, their reputation could change for the worse. There is a lot of "public concern" and individuality They take God 's rule very seriously, and to them they believe that everything either belongs to God or to the Devil. They believe in their idea of "true religion". One quote that can cope with what I 'm saying is by Danforth in Act III. He says, "a person is either with his court or he must be counted against it". The witch trials, as seen in the story, can express this idea, this quote of what Danforth is saying. They have this logic of which happens in the witch trails, so it us, it might not make much sense, but to them it made sense; they thought that if it wasn 't for God, it had to do with satanic activity or the devil. One symbol that was used in the story was the doll that was found in Elizabeth 's house. Abigail Williams purposely pointed Elizabeth as a suspect of witchcraft through the
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