The Themes Of Isolation And Monster In 'Zolaria'

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Have you ever felt abandoned? Abandonment is a very common thing in our society today and happens in many different circumstances and is a feeling no one likes to have. Isolation is a very big theme in the story “Zolaria” and is also considered the monster of the short story. I saw many different themes and monsters in the story “Zolaria” but the main themes are isolation and sickness. Isolation and sickness are monsters are monsters that effect characters by altering friendships, changing personalities and showing character. In the short story, “Zolaria” the narrator and Hanna have an inseparable friendship. The two girls have been friends since they can remember, and nothing would ever break them apart. The main reason for the story is the two girls finding their own land “Zolaria” that they can rule over as princesses. They are the same in almost every aspect of life. Hanna has what the narrator describes as the perfect life. Her parents are together, her house is friendly and her dad even visits their fifth-grade class. The two best friends were perfectly content with their life and no matter what they would not be separated nor turn against each other. “We were the girls with the wrong school supplies, and everything we did after that, even the things done just like everyone else, were the wrong things to do” (Horrock 473). Hanna and the narrator did not care whether they were doing the wrong thing socially, as long as they had each other. They shared the same fears
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