The Themes Of Ostracism In The Brave New World

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Sometime people care about social values than their individuality. Our society values community belonging to a certain group that defined them, not caring about the people who can’t fit in. “Punctured, uttered, deflated he dropped into a chair and covering his face began to weep” (Huxley 176). Bernard alway felt different than the rest, like a reject in the eye of the world. That change when he show John, the Director son to the people of the Brave New World, he felt acceptance which validate his existence in his eyes. It give him a sense of belonging. But when John doesn’t want to be put on display anymore and doesn’t go to the party, that change. Bernard is view as his was before odd and weird from everybody else. That realization make him feel overwhelming sadness and cause him to cry. In this world, there is no mother, father, or relationship. A person share everything, including themselves. There is no individuality only the community. This can be said in the real world. People can formed such a close bond with each other that anybody else that different from them can almost never, feel like they belong anywhere. “In human societies, ostracism can mean death if the target is deemed outside the protection of the law or cut off’ (Paramore Par.7). Ostracism is the exclusion from society or a group. Being separated from society can scar a person. The scar may not be visible on the person 's body, but it’s there. Shunning is the root of what wrong with this

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