Brave New World Belonging Analysis

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Sometime people care about social values than their individuality. Our society values community belonging to a certain group that defined them, not caring about the people who can’t fit in. “Punctured, uttered, deflated he dropped into a chair and covering his face began to weep” (Huxley 176). Bernard alway felt different than the rest, like a reject in the eye of the world. That change when he show John, the Director son to the people of the Brave New World, he felt acceptance which validate his existence in his eyes. It give him a sense of belonging. But when John doesn’t want to be put on display anymore and doesn’t go to the party, that change. Bernard is view as his was before odd and weird from everybody else. That realization…show more content…
“Pale, wild-eyed the Director glared about him in an agony of bewildered humiliation” (Huxley 152). The Director get the surprise of a lifetime. His ex lover, Leina who he thought had died, and John, the son he didn’t know about give him a surprise visit while he is in a meeting. The sight of Leina’s old and fat body repulses him and the people who also laugh at his misfortune. The sound of laughter increased when they find out John is his son. Rather than feeling overjoyed to have a son, a family, the Director felt mortified and angry at John who ruined his life. There is no understanding of family or of the love a family can have in the mind of the watcher or the Director. When confronted with the challenge of having a family, he ran. Like millions of people do in the real world, he run away from his family. “Family whose interrelationship serve to detract from rather than promote, the emotional health and well being of its members (Dysfunctional family Par. 1). Family is not always the people you are born to, but the people who love and understand you. Though it is the American dream to have a lovely family, sadly that is not always the case. For every happy family, there is a dysfunctional family. A dysfunctional family is the people you just feel like you’re stuck with. In a dysfunctional family, your family can beat you, fight all the time, or accept you for who you are. Your family can also be someone who just pays child support and doesn’t have a relationship with you. In Brave New World, the Director doesn’t want anything to do with John, his
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