The Themes Of Sin And Death In Dante's Inferno

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Dante’s Inferno is known for its striking imagery between a sin and the punishment given in Hell. While playing the role of God, Dante the poet seems to be a completely different person than Dante the pilgrim, who embarks on a journey through nine circles of fiery Hell. The Inferno becomes more than just an understanding of Hell when readers, as well as Dante the pilgrim, hear the stories of characters who don’t seem to belong there. The fact that characters, such as Francesca and Virgil, tell Dante their own story of how innocent they are, completely intensifies the feeling that a tragic mistake has been made, especially when the character Dante starts to feel pity. Many people like myself found Francesca 's story to be tragic, and found Dante’s discernment surprising when he placed her in Hell. Virgil also seemed like he didn’t belong in Hell. However, the more that Dante the pilgrim and readers are exposed to and sympathize for the suffering of the characters, Dante the poet continues to show that it is because of their own choice and weakness that placed them in Hell. Throughout Dante’s journey, readers are dependant on Virgil to know what’s happening in each circle, since he is guiding Dante. His courage is shown as he helps Dante through different parts of Hell, while also gaining respect from him. The more that Dante and Virgil get close, the more wrong it seems to the readers for Virgil to be damned in Hell, especially for the reason of being born before
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