The Themes Of Solomon Northup's 12 Years Of A Slave

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Solomon Northup’s Twelve Years a Slave is a book about his experience as a slave during the 19th century, set firstly in Saratoga, New York, then in Washington and lastly in New Orleans, Louisiana. The main character is Solomon himself, who tells his story as a free black man, son of an emancipated slave, who was kidnapped by two men, and sold into slavery. He lives in Saratoga with his wife and children, working as a labourer and violinist, when two men in 1841 offered him a work in Washington for a significant amount of money, which he accepted. He was drugged and kidnapped by these two men, selling him as a slave into Louisiana. He lived as a slave for twelve years, changing of masters and plantations several times, until 1853, when he was freed by some friends from Saratoga, returning with his family and writing afterwards the autobiography with David Wilson as his editor. The tone they use to write the book is very serious and sad, as they are describing depressing moments of Northup’s life. Apart from that, the story is also based on hope, being the theme of the book the fight to achieve your objective, to never give up, as Solomon, despite his difficulties during the twelve years of bondage, he gained his freedom back. The autobiography written by Solomon Northup, Twelve Years a Slave, belongs to the time before the Civil War of South America. Slavery began in the early 17th century, when the European explorations arrived to Jamestown, Virginia. However, by the time

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