The Themes Of The Kalahari Bushmen Of South Africa

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Mythology is an essential aspect of culture among any group. They often create themes that reflect the culture and effect religious beliefs. Some themes are simple and include men and women as Gods and Goddesses while others are more complex with nature portrayed as God. One group with a strong connection to mythology and nature is the Kalahari bushmen of South Africa. The Bushmen people were first inhabitants of South Africa around 20,000 years ago and still live there today. They are a very broad group of They received the name Kalahari because most of them live a nomadic lifestyle in the Kalahari desert. Their way of living creates a strong impact on their mythology. The Kalahari Bushmen have very unique mythology that revolves around Nature’s intangible aspects. The Kalahari Bushmen are constantly moving around similar to Native Americans. However, they have much different ways of living than Native Americans. The bushman construct houses of wood and don’t farm. Instead, they are hunt for most of their which explain why 70/80 percent of their diet consist of meat. The men do most of the hunting with spears and and arrows that are poisoned. The other 20/30 percent is from gathering plants they find which is usually do by the women. The Bushmen also have no concept of ownership over land or animals but recently have manage to create socio economic culture similar to the era before agriculture. In general, the Bushmen people live a very simple and relaxed

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