Power Politics: The Concept Of International Law

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Ever since the establishment of state sovereignty through Westphalia treaty we have seen various international laws emerging in the international world of politics. Originally, International Laws are shaped by group of kingdoms or states through treaties which commonly contains temporary ceasefires and to not so less extent trade conducts. In this day and age though, international laws are instigated from several International Institutions (i.e.: United Nations) which addresses issues ranging from territorial borders to human rights violations. Numerous international laws in the modern world right now are considered ‘binding’ connoting that it is obliged to adhere to it; similar to how it is required for us as citizens to adhere to our national…show more content…
This paper will try to asses that question in particular. Theoretical Framework  The concept of International Law International law, also called public international law or law of nations, is the body of legal rules, norms, and standards that apply between sovereign states and other entities that are legally recognized as international actors .  The concept of Power Politics Political action characterized by the exercise or pursuit of power as a means of coercion. International diplomacy based on the use or threatened use of military, political or economic power. Power politics is the core of realism, as realism assumes that states merely do something based on their national interest, and through whatever means necessary, including the means above.  Realism Realism is one of the mainstream theories in International Relations and I believe it is safe to say that this paradigm is commonly used or at least known throughout the world. From International Organization Pease Fifth Edition (2014), Realism is often referred to as power politics or realpolitik, realism’s central focus is the acquisition, maintenance, and exercise of power by states. In the eyes of classical realists, power will only be what we call as “hard” power, which are tangible military capabilities and to some extent, economic…show more content…
The assumption of the realist in this matter is correct in my opinion. States will prioritize its national interest first more than anything, and by anything it includes international law. Hence, even if the international law did exist, major states could merely dismiss it, as they will presumably get no harm. A shame for the law exists to serve on one purpose: Justice, and by that sense international law exists to serve justice in the world, to be able to create peace. Well, seeing these (in gaming term) many ‘glitches’ in the international laws though, peace is still far away from

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