The Theories And Complications Of Christopher Marlowe's Life

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Christopher Marlowe’s life was full of speculation and adventure so I decided to personally search about his life and find out what caused his death/disappearance, about his atheism and the infamous moral play doctor Faustus, he was a great Elizabethan playwright, born in Canterbury Kent on 6 February 1564, He was born the same year as William Shakespeare during the reign of Elizabeth I. His father John Marlowe was a shoe maker and the family must have been quite well off because Christopher was sent to the Kings School. But why would an atheist like him write a moral play like doctor Faustus?

Why did He die/disappeared?
There are many conspiracies and theories about his death and mysterious life on 30 May, 1593 the day he supposedly died/disappeared such as:

• “Marlowe wasn 't murdered, but had faked his own death in order to escape the charges hanging over him. You can take your pick from a proliferation of sub-theories offering alternative ways he could have done this. The 'Marlowe didn 't die ' theory leads to Marlowe became Shakespeare. This is a big favorite in conspiracy circles. Despite being officially dead for the entire span of Shakespeare 's career, Marlowe is among the top three contenders for the Bard 's crown. Also Some people believe that Marlowe also 'became ' Miguel Cervantes (the author of Don Quixote), and also found time to be all 47 translators of the King James Bible, as well as penning a couple of dozen other contemporary

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